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Carnival Triumph

Day 7: Fun Day at Sea
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Friday was the last official day of the cruise, and so we knew we had to make every last moment count.  There was a lot of fun to pack into 24 hours, and we got started early.  Swimming was the way to keep cool under the hot sun, and we did plenty of it.  Everyone tried to stay focused on living in the moment, and in denial of the fact that our time together was nearing an end.

Dylan jumps in for a cannon ball!

Tiffany enjoys a swim in the slide pool

What form!

Jennifer, Julia, and Mammy take a dip together

What splash!

Julia in her itsy-bitsy-teeny-weenie-yellow-polkadot-bikini (oh and Shane)

We give it a 10, Dylan!

Tiffany, Mammy, and Julia enjoy the pool together

After packing our things for the return trip home, we gathered to celebrate one last dinner together.  During dessert, Tony requested a cake and some song for Sharon, in honor of their fourth wedding anniversary which they will celebrate this May.  Later, we all requested a cake and song for Mom and Bill, as a small gesture of thanks for this amazing trip and all the wonderful memories we made together.  No gesture could have said, "Thank You" quite well enough. 
How can we show our appreciation for the thoughtfulness and generosity of such a wonderful gift?  We'll hang on to the memories forever and ever, and this special time will live in our hearts always.
Thanks again, guys...we had the time of our lives, all because of you!

Tony orders up some anniversary wishes for Sharon. How sweet!

Painit and Julia were fast friends

... who shared one last smile before saying goodbye