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Carnival Triumph

Day 3: San Juan, PR
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My daughter, Julia, was an early riser throughout the trip, rising most days between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m.  Sure, it was a struggle to get up so early, especially after long nights at play while my mother babysat.  But man, what I saw because of her.  Can you believe the beauty of a sunrise at sea?  It took me back several years... when I was a little girl my own father would wake me up at least once on our annual trip to the beach each summer so that I could watch the sun rise with him.  Now it was my turn to share that tradition with my baby girl.

Caribbean Sunrise 4/25/05:








Triumph was set to arrive in San Juan, PR at 5:00 p.m.  That gave us plenty of time to enjoy another relaxing day on the ocean.  Mom and Bill got a massage together that morning while the rest of us played on deck, swimming in the pool, listening to music, and enjoying one another's company.

Julia enjoyed playing with her toys on deck

Gig and Gram enjoying the daily drink special while soaking up the rays - a perfect combination!!

"Isn't this sooooo much fun?!"

Dylan gives "thumbs up" approval to this great cruise on Triumph!


Mom, Lori and I went for a night time horseback ride in the rainforest while Triumph was at San Juan.  It was a girls night out and we had a fabulous time together.  It was so magical to ride along in the warm night air and listen to all the sounds, especially the tree frogs.
While we were off enjoying ourselves, everyone else was enjoying some shopping in Old San Juan followed by dinner on the ship.  When we returned from our horseback ride, it seemed our families were asleep!  So we extended our night out to include the midnight mexican buffet and a round of drinks before heading to bed.

San Juan as Triumph sails into port

Old San Juan viewed from Panorama Deck

Papa and Julia during dinner after shopping in San Juan

A stingray, chocolates, and the latest edition of Capers greets us at bedtime