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Carnival Triumph

Day 4: St. Thomas, USVI
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Triumph sailed into port at St. Thomas on Tuesday morning at 7:00.  It was slightly overcast that morning, but the view was still spectacular.  We started our morning off slow and easy, and made our plans to explore on the island after lunch.

St. Thomas, USVI

Coki Bay, St. Thomas

What a gorgeous view of the bay those houses must have!

A view of the bay on the ride back from Coral World at St. Thomas


Shane, Julia, and I made a trek to Coral World at Coki Bay after lunch on the ship.  The ride over was interesting, to say the least, as our transportation was a converted pickup truck.  No car seats, seat belts, or even doors on there!  And the driver must have known her way quite well, judging by the speed at which she traveled!  Julia fell asleep during the drive;  how, I'll never know.  But we arrived safe and sound with plenty of time to see feeding time at Shark Shallows and in the Coral Experience.  There were touch pools with all kinds of sea life to see (we were too chicken to touch them!), and a nature trail with plenty of iguanas and tortoises.  It was a nice excursion, just the right pace for a small family with a one year old in tow.

All the excitement of seeing the fish at Coral World wiped Julia right out!

A starfish in the touch pool

Tortoises sleeping in their hut

Shark shallows


Sea urchins in the touch pool



After an adventurous day on St. Thomas, everyone shared dinner together once again.  Everything was delicious, and we exchanged stories of all we had done and seen on the beautiful island that day.  A walk on deck afterward seemed like the perfect way to wrap things up, and we returned to our cabin with a fun surprise awaiting.

Tony and Sharon snuggle up for a picture at dinner

A walk on deck after dinner will burn off that extra dessert!

The Vattes Family enjoying dinner in the Paris Dining Room after a busy day on St Thomas

A mama seal and her baby present us with our Capers and wish us goodnight!