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Carnival Triumph

Day 1: Embarkation

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Saturday started bright and early...
With a flight on Delta Song out of Boston's Logan International Airport set to take off at 8:10 a.m., everyone was up before the sun.  It wasn't hard to wake up so early, with so much to look forward to! 
The flight was good -- direct, and without too much turbulence.  A short bus ride from Ft. Lauderdale International Airport to Miami and we found ourselves standing before our floating resort.  Truly amazing.  The ship is over 101 tons, 12 stories high, and nearly three football fields long.  A virtual city, with over 3,000 guests on board, and 1200 crew.
It took some time, and several long lines, to get through the boarding process.  But everyone at Carnival was pleasant to encounter, and did their best to keep things moving.  Still, it was a long and tiring journey.  So you won't see pictures of us here... It woudln't have been very pretty anyway ;)